Parkinson's Disease and me

My blog about my experience with Parkinson's Disease

My very first reactions

on October 2, 2013

That night we were both left absolutely reeling from the diagnosis.  Apart from the usual common ailments I had never been ill before.  I had not visited the doctor for years.  I thought I was fit.  I did not smoke, drank very little, ate healthily and walked a lot.  Why me?

My own first feeling was one of failure.  I did not see myself as someone with a chronic illness.  It was not in my ‘plan’.  I did not want to inflict myself and my new problems on my family … on my son…. On my sister.  I did not want to affect their lives by making them worry about me.  I did not want my life to change.

I sobbed and sobbed “I don’t want it!”

In the coming days I spent far too long surfing the Internet for Parkinson’s information and seemed to find a wealth of negative stuff which made me feel even worse. Then I came to the conclusion that being positive and optimistic makes me feel much better. So from now on I am going to be positive in this blog!

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