Parkinson's Disease and me

My blog about my experience with Parkinson's Disease

First symptoms

Six or so months ago whilst cooking I noticed a tremor in my left hand. I immediately worried as I was aware of Parkinson’s symptoms because my very good friend who died last year (of something else) had it as did my 80 year old aunt. Nothing else happened for weeks, perhaps a month. Then one day my middle left hand finger twitched violently for a few seconds. It was so violent it fascinated me. Another day two fingers on my left hand locked together. The twitching occasionally repeated itself over the coming weeks. Other things happened to my left hand. I couldn’t bear my rings on and had to remove them. I couldn’t tolerate gloves even in the cold winter months. At night I didn’t know where to lie my left arm when I went to bed as it felt so uncomfortable. I felt like all the tension in my body was concentrated in my left hand. I became more and more anxious and depressed. I kept scanning the Internet about Parkinson’s symptoms and fearing the worst but I did think I might also be suffering from severe anxiety and imagining the symptoms. I have a history of anxiety which started after I was assaulted many years ago by someone who subsequently went to prison. I grew more and more anxious and depressed. I was no longer enjoying my life. The twitching increased in my left hand. I noticed it was weaker than before. I found it difficult to do up the zip on my new jacket. In the hot summer weather I thought I seemed to be walking slower. I told my partner of my worries and we made an appointment to see the doctor.

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