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Bats and balls

imageIt’s very strange – despite the Parkinson’s my table tennis skills have greatly improved. It’s true I have been playing more lately but I wonder if it’s something in the medicine (Sifrol). I used to be such a bad tempered player banging the balls wildly in temper but now I’m calm and relaxed and much more deadly.

The reason I’ve been playing more table tennis is that the weather has been wet and awful for weeks so I haven’t been able to cycle or go for long walks but I could stand at the table and play a few static games. The table is in a barn which is also home to various bats and birds. Despite our efforts to cover it with old sheets they still manage to leave their calling cards and if the ball hits one of them there are some interesting deflections.

Even if the weather had been good I was grounded by my knee doctor who was giving me a 3 week course of hyaluronic acid injections for my dodgy knee. Thankfully that’s now finished and it seems so much better I feel ready to start my exercise regime again. All this sounds much grander than it really is. Cycling is my favourite activity. I like to find circular routes and time myself using the Sports Tracker app but my favourite route is a one way downhill one along an old train track through woods. My partner meets me at the other end and puts my bike in the back of our old van so I don’t have to ride back.

On Monday I will be back at the aqua gym where the class is made up of rickety old grannies like myself and one lone man who hides away at the back. The group reminds me of a troupe of elderly flamenco dancers I saw in Spain years ago. They walked with difficulty, some even had sticks but as soon as the music started they danced blithely and gracefully. Our group is a but like that but at the pool it is the warm water that transforms us.

Next I will be back at the gym. Strictly speaking it’s not really a gym but that’s what they call it here. It’s a keep fit class in the village hall. It is none the less strenuous not aided by the fact that it’s always baking hot there because the oldies play cards there before us and like to have the heat turned right up. It’s good fun with much laughing to accompany the groans and creaking joints. It lasts an hour and you can always catch someone taking a sneaky peak at their watch hoping it’s nearly finished. It’s a good job I’m not trying to lose weight as it usually ends with cake and cider or chocolates!

I’m really looking forward to getting back to all the exercising again as it makes me feel so much better.

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