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Whirling and twirling

imageMy blog started off about my journey with Parkinsons but I’m finding just concentrating on the Parkinsons aspects of my life is rather boring now I’m getting more used to having it. I no longer read everything I can find on the subject in fact I rather try to avoid it and life progresses as usual.

A recent highlight here was the Comités des fêtes meal – the committee organises all the local events. It was a very jolly occasion with a beautifully cooked, many-coursed meal and was held in the village hall. These events, indeed all the events here always follow exactly the same format and they have not changed at least in the 17 years since we bought our house here. They are always very happy events attended by all ages.

The publicity says the meal starts at 8 pm but what this really means is the aperitif starts at 8 pm and lasts for a minimum of two hours. I find I get absolutely starving and then get past it by the time the soup arrives at 10.30. In between each course there was dancing with live musical accompaniment from a guitarist and a keyboarder player. People of all ages whirled around in the aisle between the rows of trestle tables. We would love to be able to do those dances but we’ve never mastered them.

With all the wine and a heavy main course of duck confit our heads were nodding after midnight when they set up a screen to show a DVD of the highlights of the previous year. A confetti of PowerPoint effects followed with many distant and out of focus stills spinning around to very loud music … A lovely idea for 10 minutes perhaps, but after the first half hour and before the dessert! We managed to avoid buying a copy but most were snaffled up by the other diners.

I don’t know what time we left but I know we were almost the first to go and the coffee had still not arrived.

and back to Parkinson’s …. there’s really no getting away from it …. I’ve just started donating to Parkinsons via Give as You Live as suggested by Jelly Woman who writes my favourite Jelly Chronicles ( It’s so easy to do.

If you haven’t already signed up for Give as You Live, then please, please do. Every time you buy something online from a whole range of places – including Amazon – a donation will go towards Parkinson’s research at no cost from you. The link is

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