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3rd visit to neurologist


Yesterday I went back to see the neurologist.  In the two months since my last visit I had felt that the medicine was working well but just over a week ago I started to have a new sharp pain in the back of my head which feels linked to turning my head to the side.  It comes and goes.  Sometimes I can get rid of it by stretching exercise or moving around but I have also resorted to paracetamol.  It was particularly bad one day when it was bitterly cold.  It does not feel like a head ache but more muscular.  I started the usual awful Internet trawling searching for similar symptoms fearing my Parkinson’s is getting worse.  The neurologist watched me in his usual intense way and went through the usual tests.  I told him about my aches and pains.  I also have a pain in my right knee.  Admittedly that has been a recurring problem for years.  Then he surprised me by saying he was really pleased with how I’m doing and that he does not want to increase my low dose of Sifrol and that I need not see him for 6 months.  The best news I’ve had since my diagnosis.  He is not concerned about the head pain which is the result of neck stiffness and he suggests I look at my posture when riding my bike and keep taking the paracetamol if it helps.  Now I have something different to research on the Internet.  It is strange how much better I feel after his positive reaction. The pain has lessened and lost importance. He is always so very encouraging.  He says to phone or email if we are worried about anything before the next appointment.  As he says, medicine and exercise are equally vital in living with Parkinsons but I think he is becoming my third ingredient.  Now we are going to Nice for a little winter sunshine before Christmas.
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