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Dippy me

20140601-062153-22913399.jpgI love to ride my bike and it go out on it most mornings. I even have an app on the mobile phone which times and analyses my efforts. I try to improve my times for each of my circular routes.

Lately it has rained so much I haven’t been able to ride. The first time I went out I found it a real effort and the subsequent couple of days were even worse. My legs ached and I found the hills a real struggle. I was worn out by the time I finished rather than energised. My times got drastically slower. At first I blamed it on the lack of practice and the strong headwind but I soon began to worry that the Parkinson’s was getting worse. I struggled even to go down hill. Eventually I confided my fears to the Long Suffering One. Shortly after I saw he had my bike upended and a bucket of water. He had discovered a big thorn in the tyre which was completely and utterly flat! He couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed the noise and I remembered I had but I was too busy worrying to think too much about it!

Now, puncture repaired, my times are better than before. The extra effort from cycling with a flat tyre has probably helped my performance.

We shared this little episode with the neurologist at my six month check up and he was highly amused. He did all his usual tests and watched me closely with his penetrating eyes… I feel he is looking into my very soul! We waited with baited breath as he dictated a letter to my doctor in front of us. The verdict: no change so no change in medicine and next appointment in six months. Hallelujah!

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